“Eric Bogosian, author of the play "Talk Radio" and the Obie-winning solo production "Sex, Drugs, Rock Roll," said, "I write my plays to create an excuse for full-tilt acting and performing." This vision is honored with gripping ferocity by first-time director Alex Craig Mann. "SubUrbia" is written as an actors' showcase, and even when some of the situations are episodic and implausible, Mann guides his cast so that all the bleakness, self-destructiveness and despair of Bogosian's protagonists are wrenchingly clear and increasingly meaningful. Director Mann brings genuine heat to sex scenes… Physical action -- a clash with a hockey stick, a food fight, confrontation with guns, simulated oral sex -- is masterfully staged...” — Joel Hirschhorn, Variety

“The cast displays impressive range under Alex Craig Mann's vigorous direction.” — Sandra Ross, L.A. Weekly

“Director Alex Craig Mann leads a flawless ensemble in parlaying the taut and darkly comic piece into a shattering tour-de-force effort.” — Les Spindle, Backstage West

“This is one of those rare performances that hits the ground running and keeps its grip on you long after the curtain has fallen. Mann does a stellar job directing the talented cast of performers, who don’t have a single weak link among them.” “And when you add to it Mann’s tight direction and the cast’s powerhouse performances, you have something that’s already pretty damn good made even better, perhaps the best it could possibly be.” — Milla Goldenberg, NoHo LA

“Courageous performances and effective, truthful-inducing direction by Alex Craig Mann would entice me to see this production one more time!” — Ana Guigui, The Tolucan Times


“Mann wins the audience...(and) captures our attention.” AND “(Alex is)...impressive.” — L.A. Times

“Mann is perfect.” — L.A. Weekly

“His (Mann’s)...superb comic timing carries the show.” — UCLA Bruin

“Mann displays superb technique.” — Dramalogue / Backstage West